What kinds of things are prohibited from storage with Omni?

For the safety, health and well-being of our staff, facilities, and everyone’s stored belongings (and for the sanity of our lawyers), we are prohibited from storing certain types of items. A good gut check is: If you're not allowed to bring it on an airplane, or if it’s considered illegal by local or federal law, we likely can't accept it. Prohibited items include:

Sorry to get all TSA on you.

Keep in mind, closed containers are subject to these restrictions. If, during a pick up, a closed or sealed container is suspected to contain prohibited items, it will be refused at the point of pick up. Once under our management, closed containers may be opened at the discretion of the Omni Concierge team. Should prohibited items be discovered in a closed container, the return or disposal of these items is subject to a fee. If you have any questions about this policy or would like to ask about specific items, please feel free to contact us.

What does Omni do with prohibited items?

Prohibited items discovered amongst the things sent to be stored with Omni are set aside in our warehouse and handled appropriately by our Customer Success team. In the majority of cases, we’ll notify members via email that we’re unable to store a specific item(s), and work with the member to either return the items or dispose of them accordingly (if you accidentally send us a half-empty bottle of shampoo, we’ll toss it for you if you don’t want it back).

Items that create serious safety concerns – like that small propane tank you bring camping – cannot be transported back to you, and costs associated with their safe handling/disposal may be posted to your account.

Prohibited items with legal ramifications are reported to the appropriate authorities.

Return/disposal of prohibited items

Innocuous prohibited item return: $25. On occasion, prohibited items make their way into the Omni warehouse (almost always by accident) – most of these are innocuous, a.k.a. not a big deal – shampoo, lotion, a random granola bar, etc. We'll notify you if there is something among the items we've picked up that we cannot store, and will arrange to either toss it or have it returned to you. If you request that we return the prohibited item, a $25 return fee will be applied.

For prohibited items that pose a danger to our facility or our staff (combustibles, explosives, poisonous, etc) you will be responsible for the costs necessary for the safe return or disposal of the items:

  • Dangerous Prohibited Item Return : Cost of courier return +50%, $50 min
  • Dangerous Prohibited Item Disposal: Cost of safe disposal +50%, $50 min

Does Omni allow storage of knives and other sharp pointy things?

Generally, yes – we’re happy to store your extra chef’s knives, hunting knife collection, SamuraI swords, Ren Faire reproduction weapons – BUT, we do have some explicit conditions and important rules for the safety of our team.

  • All blades and sharps must be set aside and packed separately.
  • You must notify your Omni Concierge of the sharp objects and where they are amongst your items.
  • All blades and pointy bits must be securely covered, in an appropriate case, or otherwise protected from accidental contact. NEVER put loose sharp objects in a box or bag.
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