Omni is like a big game of Tetris – we frequently store your items in close proximity to the items of others, as they best fit together. Because of this, we need to be mindful of the condition of each item coming into our facility, ensuring the protection of every Omni customer's belongings.

To deliver on our promise of keeping everyone's items safe and clean, we need to refrain from taking on items that are effected by certain odors, residues, and particulate matter (like the dust that comes back from Burning Man every year). Cigarette, marijuana, and wood smoke are all extremely pungent, and unfortunately, we cannot store items that are effected by these odors. 

Please understand that we don't judge! We simply have an obligation to our members to keep their items in the same condition we received them, and therefore need to take extra precautions. If you have questions about this, please ask away! 

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