Once your Concierge delivers your items to Omni's facility we catalogue, photograph, and store your items. 

Both individual and closed containers go through this process, sorted by their defining features. Once it's finished, we'll photograph all of the items you're storing with us. After this your items will appear in your Omni profile and wait for you until you may need them.

If you decide you'd like to list an item for rent in our market place, your item will be pulled and inspected through our item verification process. Check out this article if you'd like to know more about this.

 If needed, we'll update the picture of your item going into our marketplace during this process. At this time Omni isn't able to fulfill special requests regarding photographing your item.

During processing we check that your closed container don't have any prohibited items. Once this is confirmed, we reseal your box and put it in its' new home. 

We want to make sure your items get to us as happy and intact. Please see this article to make sure your items are properly packed.

Since we don't itemize closed containers you'll need to have an idea of what is in each of your boxes. We recommend labeling them so we can name each box appropriately on your Omni profile. 

Once processed, we won't reopen your closed containers to confirm the contents within. 

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