What is a “closed container”?

If you have personal/private items (like a box of files) or groups of small items (like holiday ornaments) that you’d like to store, but don’t want them to be separated or itemized, you can pack them in a sealed container and label it "closed" or "do not itemize” and let your Concierge know upon pick up. 

Please be advised:

  • Closed Containers must have an adequate seal or closure in order to be accepted and stored (i.e. boxes taped shut, duffel bag with a zipper, bin with a tight-fitting lid, etc.)
  • Ensure fragile items are adequately protected with packing materials and in containers sturdy enough to withstand being handled and moved. It is recommended to pack the items as if they were being shipped. Items must be packed securely as Omni will not be responsible for items that incur damage while packed inside of a closed container. 
  • Plastic trash bags are not acceptable as closed containers. Items received in plastic trash bags will be itemized.
  • Closed Containers may be opened at the discretion of the Omni Concierge team, should they be suspected to contain prohibited items (such as food, liquids or aerosols). Should such items be discovered in a Closed Container, the return or disposal of these items is subject to a fee.
  • The container must be able to be picked up and carried by a single adult and must weigh no more than 45lbs.

I want to store a suitcase. If I pack the suitcase, will I be charged for the items inside of it?

You will be charged $15.00 for any container that you do not want itemized, including suitcases (please see details about closed containers above). If you pack the suitcase and do not label it as a closed container, the items inside will be cataloged and subject to the $0.50 cost per item. The suitcase itself will then be cataloged as its own item as well.

Will you unpack and catalog the items in a Closed Container if I decide I want to see each of those items in the app?

Yes! We’re happy to open and catalog the contents of a Closed Container. However, please be aware that this means each of the items inside the container as well as the container itself are then subject to our per-item pricing, commensurate with each item’s size: $0.50 for each standard item, and $3.00 for each large item. Effective that same billing period, the cost of the Closed Container will be replaced by the cost of those individual items.

Have a Closed Container you’d like to have itemized? Reach out to support and we’ll it get started for you!

If I have a Closed Container cataloged/itemized, but then change my mind and want those items put back into the Closed Container, can you do that?

We can – however, each container being reassembled is subject to a $10.00 re-packing fee, up to 30 items. Each item thereafter carries a charge of $1.99.

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