The simplest way to determine if an item is large vs. standard is to think about carry-on luggage at the airport: If the item would fit into your carry-on luggage, it’s a standard item. If you’d have to check it with your bags, it’s probably a large item. If you’re not sure, no problem – your Omni Concierge can help you figure it out when they arrive.

Examples of standard items: Clothes, shoes, books, small appliances, cameras, handbags, dishes, knickknacks, coats, etc.

Examples of large items: Bikes, empty suitcases, skis, surfboards, golf bags, car seats, strollers, guitars, tower fans, standing lamps, chairs, etc.

Closed Containers

If you have personal/private items (like a box of files) or groups of small items (like holiday ornaments) that you’d like to store, but don’t want them to be separated or itemized, you can pack them in a sealed container and label it "closed" or "do not itemize” and let your Concierge know upon pick up.

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