Don’t let our current service area deter you—our members live all over the world and use Omni as a way to manage their belongings and earn a passive income remotely!

Here’s how:

To check items into Omni from anywhere in the world set up an Omni account and follow the flow all the way through adding a credit card. This will ready your account to receive items. Then ship (almost) anything from Amazon, your home, or anywhere in between directly into your account using this address:

Omni Projects Inc.
(C/O [the email address you registered with]
240 Valley Drive
Brisbane, CA

Once received at our facility your items will be processed into your account for safe storage, and for rentals if you choose to make them available. 

To check items out of Omni
, simply schedule a delivery to our address (240 Valley Drive, Brisbane, CA 94005) and complete this form to indicate where you would like the items shipped. You will be responsible for the cost of shipping and materials plus a 20% service fee. 

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