Schedule a pick-up in the Omni app or here on our website. We’ll collect your items, catalog and store them, and add them to your account. Pick-ups (as well as deliveries) can be scheduled seven days a week, 7:30am–8:30pm. Available times are shown during the scheduling process.

How long does a pick-up appointment take?

Pick-up windows are for 15 minutes at each location, and the time it takes is largely dependent on the volume of items you plan to hand over to the Omni Concierge. Having your items packed and ready to go expedites things significantly, so often times we can be in and out in just a few minutes. If you're worried that you might have more than can be picked up in a 15-minute window - you can always schedule back to back appointments to give you more time.

How do I prepare my things for a pick-up?

Preparing for a pick-up is easy: just have all your items set aside near the door where the Concierge will arrive, and more or less packed. Since we only have a 15-minute window to get all of your things loaded up, we ask that you do your rummaging and decision making before your pick-up time.

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