Pack your things the same way you would if you were moving locally, ensuring that you:

  • Keep containers light enough for a single person to move (under 45 lbs);
  • Ensure fragile items are adequately protected with packing materials as if you were preparing the items to be shipped and in containers sturdy enough to withstand being handled and moved - be sure to mark and point out fragile containers to your Omni Concierge!

Bear in mind that unless you are packing a closed container that will not be cataloged, items will be unpacked during the inventory process soon after they arrive at Omni’s facility. If you would prefer an item not be unpacked, simply discuss with your Concierge at the time of the pick-up. If items are remaining inside of the closed container, they must be packed securely as Omni will not be responsible for items that incur damage while packed inside of a closed container. 

Do I need to have everything packed before an Omni Concierge picks up my things?

We ask that you do your best to have everything set aside and more or less packed by the time your Omni Concierge arrives. Keep in mind that the window of time allocated to each pick-up is 15 minutes, so as long as we can feasibly help you finish packing and safely load everything in that timeframe, that’s good enough for us.

Do you store my things in the boxes/bags/bins I check in to Omni?

Unless you have specified a closed container, your things are not necessarily stored in the containers you packed for pick-up by the Omni Concierge. Because items are unpacked for the inventory process, most items are then re-packed and stored in a manner that both maximizes the use of Omni’s warehouse space (which is ultimately what makes our service so affordable to you!) and best protects the item.

What do you do with my empty boxes and bins?

Cardboard boxes are recycled. If you have a reusable bin or other non-disposable container, we will arrange a plan with you at the time of pick-up to either to have the container recycled, stored as an item in your account, or returned to you.

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