Hey students! We know that as summer approaches you'll have a lot going on so we're making your move out super simple. 

Here are our guidelines for summer storage in Omni:

  • There will be a $25 fee for pick-ups, and a $25 fee for deliveries.
  • For liability reasons your Concierge cannot come up to your dorm or apartment and will need to meet you curbside or in your lobby.
  • Closed containers must be boxes, bins, or suitcases with secure closures. Stacking drawers, rolling carts, laundry baskets, garbage bags, etc. are not closed containers. Any containers that do not meet our safety standards and/or those that exceed our weight limit of 45lbs will need to be repacked onsite into an Omni bin ($10 each and yours to keep).
  • Omni cannot accept any of the following for storage: bath and body products, cleaning or laundry detergents, food, drinks, paint, brush cleaner, plants, or any other liquids or perishables. Your Concierge will inspect all closed containers onsite and dispose of any prohibited items. 
  • Mini fridges must be cleaned and defrosted for at least 24 hours at the time of pick-up. If they are not empty and dry we will not be able to store them.
  • Omni cannot accept any items that exceed our max weight of 45lbs—no exceptions.
  • Your Concierge will require you to declare any high-value items within your closed containers while onsite. 
  • Discounts may not be applied to student storage.

Our simple per-item pricing is as follows:
Closed containers: $15/month
Large items: $3.00/month
Standard items: $0.50/month

Contact us via chat or email with any questions!

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