What is the Omni Referral Program?

Our referral program is one of the ways we like to thank our customers for being Omni supporters. When you sign up for Omni, we send you your own personal referral code to share with others who are interested in using Omni. Friends and family use your code to get up to 50 items stored free their first month when they sign up for Omni ($25 total value), which is applied when their first check in is stored with Omni.

Each time someone who has used your code becomes an Omni member and completes their first check in, you are credited up to 20 items free ($10 total value).

How do I get my personal referral code?

Your referral code is available in your account details in the Omni app. Additionally, when you first create your Omni account - even before you store anything - you receive a welcome email that includes your personal referral code. Can’t find it? We can help - just email us.

I referred someone, but the $10 credit hasn't been applied to my account. What's the deal?

Thanks so much for referring someone! You're the best! Chances are, if you're not seeing the credit, it's because the person you referred has not stored anything with Omni yet. The credit isn't applied until their first check in has been stored. You should tell them to get a move on!

If you're certain they applied the code and have done their first check in, but you still aren't seeing your credit, give us a shout - we're happy to help!

How do I use my account credit?

All referral credit will be automatically applied to your bill and reflected in your monthly statement– you don't have to do anything to use your credit.

Please note: While the $25 credit applied to your account when you sign up with a friend’s referral code can only be used for the initial month of storage, all other account credit you earn by referring your own friends rolls over.

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