How secure is the facility where my things are kept?

Omni’s storage facility has 24/7 video monitoring and tightly controlled secure access. It is not available to the public and is intentionally unmarked - The only individuals with access are employees of Omni whose specific responsibilities fall within the warehouse itself. There are ample cameras, alarms, and identification systems in place to ensure we know who comes and goes.

Who has access to the facility?

The only individuals with access to the area where items are processed and stored are employees of Omni whose responsibilities include item transport, inventory, and management. The adjacent areas are accessible only to Omni employees.

Can I come to the storage facility to drop off or pick up my things?

Sorry, Charlie. For security and insurance reasons, we don’t allow public access to our facility for dropping off or picking up any items. You must have your items picked up or delivered by an Omni Concierge.

Are Omni's storage facilities climate controlled?

Yes, however the temperature does fluctuate a bit with the seasonal climate (a bit warmer in the summer/fall, a bit chillier in the winter/spring). If your items require specific temperature control, please contact us - we'll let you know if we're able to meet your needs!

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