My business would really benefit from using Omni. Do you service businesses or have pricing for business clients?

Yes and yes! Omni For Business offers fully customized pricing, service and payment structures to suit the unique needs of your operation. Let us know how we can help by emailing us at

What are the rates for business customers?

Omni will structure costs based on the unique needs of your business. A dedicated account manager will work with you to create a flexible plan for both storage and transit, commensurate with your anticipated usage of Omni’s services. Learn more here.

Can I store office furniture?

We can take your office chairs for sure - bear in mind we cannot store any items too heavy or large for one person to safely carry. This means we can take your light-weight furnishings, but we cannot accept things like desks and sofas.

Are there limitations to what business accounts can store?

All of Omni’s guidelines and restrictions apply for business accounts – take a look at our article on prohibited items.

My company is located outside of Omni’s service area. Can I still use Omni?

While we currently only offer pick up and deliveries within San Francisco and select parts of the Bay Area, it is possible to use Omni’s remote check in and remote check out features to manage the items you’d like to store. Reach out to us and let us know your location – we’re happy to see if we can make it work for you!

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