To make an item available for rent, schedule a pick-up. Once it’s been picked up, checked in, and is listed in your account (typically within 24 hours of your pick-up time): 

In our web app:

  • Click on the item and choose “Add to Order.” Add as many items as you like!
  • Once you’ve finished adding items, click the “List for Rentals” button
  • Add additional details to the item by filling out the fields, such as the brand, size/dimensions (if you have them), a description, and daily, weekly, and monthly rental prices
  • Set the item’s availability – if you have certain dates you’d like to reserve the item for yourself, for example, you can block those dates from rentals in the item calendar.

In our iOS app:

  • Tap on the item you'd like to make rentable, then tap the three dots at the top lefthand corner of your item's details, and tap Edit
  • From the Edit view update your item's name, brand, and size, add a description, update the toggle to Rentable, and set daily, weekly, and monthly prices. Save and make more items rentable! 

Item Verification

Once you've finished creating the listing for your item, Omni will inspect the condition of the item and verify that it's in good shape for rentals. Learn more about item verification.

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