Yes. For now, when you rent your items to others, Omni splits the profits with you 50/50. This includes Omni Shield Protection for each item.

"That’s a really big cut. What’s with that?"

We’re glad you asked, and happy to tell you that there are two reasons for this:

  1. Through Omni Shield, Omni guarantees the full repair or replacement (up to $2,000) of any items damaged while rented through the platform;
  2. For now, as we learn and improve upon this new and complex element of our service, there is a lot of manual work to be done ensuring each item rented through Omni provides a great experience for folks on both sides of the equation: making sure a bike has air in the tires and working brakes, that a juicer is clean and has all its parts, that an air mattress doesn’t have any holes, etc. We have a staff dedicated to giving every item this level of attention before it leaves Omni when rented (including closely inspecting each one for any existing damage or flaws), as well as when it comes back – extensively documenting the condition of each item when it is returned. As we learn more and streamline our review and inspection processes, the work will lessen and be increasingly automated, which will in turn (hopefully!) enable us to shrink the cut we take of each rental. 

In the meantime, we hope the upside of having your stuff “earn its keep” while saving space at home – fully protected against loss or damage through Omni Shield – is still well worth it.

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