On iOS:

  1. Click the user icon at the top left side of the app. Here you will see your items stored with Omni under the "Your Omni" section.
  2. Select the items you wish to add to your cart.
  3. Finally click the "Proceed to Checkout" option which will launch the scheduler- you'll choose the date, time and location of your delivery there. Please use the "Skip" option for the pick-up at the right corner if you do not plan on returning the items.

On web:

  1. Click the Profile Icon in the upper right hand side of the page. 
  2. Click the "Items" option - here you will see your items stored with Omni.
  3. Click the item you would like to have delivered and insert the dates for delivery and pickup (you will have the option to skip the pickup later if you do not wish to return the item).
  4. Click the "Checkout" button.This will bring you to the delivery details page where you can choose the location, date, and time of your delivery. If you'd like to add more items choose the "Add more items." 
  5. If you's like to skip your pick-up choose "Edit" on the pick-up cell > "Skip Pick Up" in the pop up.
  6. Click "Place Order" when you are ready to push your order through.

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