We sure can! Remote check outs are the cost of shipping materials and postage, plus a 20% service fee ($10.00 minimum).

How do I start a remote check out?

Three steps - it's easy:

  • Create a check out using the Omni app, just like you ordinarily would. Then, select the first free delivery time in the scheduler (we’ll take care of adjusting that, no worries).
  • Next, fill out the details in the remote check out request form and hit submit. This gives us all the info we need to prepare your shipment and know where to send it.
  • Omni Member Services will follow up with you to confirm the details of your request and provide an estimated cost. That’s it!

How long does it take for me to receive my items if I have requested a remote check out?

Unless you have indicated that your request is extremely urgent, you items will be processed and sent in about 24 hours.

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