Please make note of the following fees that may be incurred in the following circumstances/areas of our business:

  • Late cancellations and no-shows
  • Shipping and delivery outside of Omni's service area
  • Using Omni in place of a moving service
  • Reassembling unpacked closed containers
  • Return/disposal of Prohibited Items
  • Late payment
  • Pick-up and delivery fees for short-term storage

Late Cancellations and No-shows

Late Cancellation: $25. Cancellations made less than two hours before the scheduled time are subject to a $25 fee.

No-shows: $25. If you (or a proxy) are not able to be present to complete the delivery within the 15-minute appointment window, or if an Omni Concierge is unable to get in touch with you at least five minutes after his or her arrival, a $25 “no show” fee may be applied to your account. If there are extenuating circumstances that have come up or interfered with your ability to meet your Concierge, let us know – we're more than willing to hear you out!

Short-term storage

While the Omni experience is optimized for long-term storage, we do have a separate offering for those only looking to store their items for a few days or weeks.

Short-term storage* pricing is as follows:
Pick up appointments within our service area: $25 each
Monthly storage per closed container for any duration of time <90 days: $15.00
Monthly storage per large item for any duration of time <90 days: $3.00
Monthly storage per standard item for any duration of time <90 days: $0.50
Delivery appointments within our service area: $25 each

Please note that the $25 fees are automatically charged by our system if an account is depleted within 90 days of storage.

To avoid an an additional $500 moving fee, please contact us to alert us of your intended use. Promotional codes and gift cards may not be applied towards the cost of short-term storage.

SFO and Oakland International do not permit us to pick up or deliver items directly from the terminals. If you would like to coordinate an airport appointment, please select a nearby location.

*We define short-term storage to mean storage for any duration of time under 90 days.

Shipping and delivery outside of Omni’s service area

If you’d like Omni to deliver or ship items to a location outside of the Omni service area (San Francisco and select parts of the Bay Area), please be advised of the following fees:

  • Delivery to an address outside of Omni’s service area (non-shipping): $150 minimum. Please inquire with member services to obtain a quote for the exact location.
  • Shipping items (outside of service area only): $10 minimum, plus the cost of packing materials and shipping/handling, plus 20% service charge.

Using Omni in place of a moving service

Moving happens! While we’re perfect for (and happy to be!) the repository for your things while you get settled over the course of a few months, Omni is not a moving service. Checking in a large volume of items and then checking them all out within a few days is taxing on our resources and our hard-working team on the ground (not to mention it slows things for the rest of our members). If it is determined that you have misused Omni’s services as a hack around hiring a moving company, you will be charged a $500 fee at the time of delivery.

Should you have a situation that might toe the line here, we encourage you to get in touch and ask about it – We want to be helpful, and will let you know if we’re the right solution for you! But if moving's what you're looking to do, check out our friends at Moved.

Reassembling unpacked closed containers

Want us to unpack a closed container and catalog the contents for you? No problem! Just note: If you change your mind and want those items reassembled and put back into a closed container, there is a re-packing fee of $10 per container, for up to 30 items each. Each item thereafter carries a fee of $1.99.

Return/disposal of prohibited items

Innocuous prohibited item return: $25. On occasion, prohibited items make their way into the Omni warehouse (almost always by accident) – most of these are innocuous, a.k.a. not a big deal – shampoo, lotion, a random granola bar, etc. We'll notify you if there is something among the items we've picked up that we cannot store, and will arrange to either toss it or have it returned to you. If you request that we return the prohibited item, a $25 return fee will be applied.

For prohibited items that pose a danger to our facility or our staff (combustibles, explosives, poisonous, etc) you will be responsible for the costs necessary for the safe return or disposal of the items:

  • Dangerous Prohibited Item Return : Cost of courier return +50%, $50 min
  • Dangerous Prohibited Item Disposal: Cost of safe disposal +50%, $50 min

Late payments

In the event a due payment is late for any reason, your account will be subject to a $25 late fee. Should your credit card be declined, you will be notified via email and have 48 hours to update your payment information. Should no valid payment method be provided within the 48-hour period, the $25 late fee will be added to your outstanding balance.

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