Omni comes to you to pick up the items you don't use every day, and takes them back to a secure facility.

The Omni team unpacks, photographs, and catalogs each individual item you’re putting into Omni, then uploads the images and information to your account.

This enables you to see everything you’ve stored and access everything you need when you need it, directly from the Omni iOS or web apps....

... and whenever you want one of your items brought back, simply select a delivery time that works for you, and we’ll bring it to your door.  

But wait! There's more!

When your items are stored with Omni, you can share them with friends or rent them to others when you're not using them – We'll take care of delivering and picking up your things, making sure they're in good shape, and all transactions on your behalf.

Items rented through Omni are protected by Omni Shield, so you can have piece of mind knowing each of your belongings is covered up to $2,000 should something happen while being rented. 

Likewise, you can search Omni to find items available for rent from other members or borrow from friends – if you need something, it's probably here! 

You don't have to store items with Omni to rent them from others – but, if you have something taking up space in your closet that could be earning you money in Omni, why not give it a try?

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