The Omni community is made up of likeminded individuals who use the service to rent, store, and share items.


 We offer seamless access to thousands of rentable things (tools, outdoor gear, party equipment, musical instruments, electronics, and much more) with Concierge delivery and pick-up. Our members also use Omni to manage their belongings—from transport and photography to inventorying and secure storage. Our newly redesigned iOS and web apps make it easier than ever to find items, book rentals, and manage your own things in storage.


 Access the things you need daily from 7:30am-8:30pm!


 We currently have rental communities in the San Francisco Bay Area and the Portland metro area.


 We want to build a future where everyone can Live Lighter, unencumbered by the cost of buying things and the physical constraints of owning them. We’ll get there by providing easy access to the things our members need as they need them.

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